Sunday, July 19, 2009

WORJ TShirt World Tour - The Joint In The Woods

Next Stop : The Joint In The Woods


Blogger Brian said...

THE JOINT IN THE WOODS, man-0-mighty, sure had some great times in that "joint". Such a fun place to party! I remember,{just to name a few}seeing Johnny and Edgar Winter,George Thorogood,Tom petty,The Outlaws I'm not sure if I saw Greg Allman there or not? {I have seen him and the ABB so many times, its hard to remember clearly.}Might have even seen Seals and Croft there also. {either there or at the Seminole Jai-Lai Fronton.{still not clear,many years have passed.} I remember the punching bag in the bathroom.{great idea by the way.} I think I even remember a parrot, might have been the mascot. Hell even the drive there was cool.{Big Tree Park road.} Well anyway, great Joint, great times, great website and without a doubt the best damn radio station ever, period!!! EASY

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